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Turf Equipment Source can provide you with budget saving programs to help you 

save on water, have healthier and longer lasting turf, and reduce labor expenses

 with our specialty equipment and services.

Contracted services include :

Sportsfield renovations, golf course renovations, fairway renovations, bunker renovations, infield tilling, laser leveling, mound building, aeration of greens and fairways, sand slit injection, deep tilling, sod stripping and removal, clay infield tilling, verticutting/de-thatching,

 topdressing/seeding, over-seed prep, and fraise mowing.

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Contract Services Available



Deep tine aeration of greens, fairways, tee boxes, and sports fields up to 10" deep that will guarantee compaction relief and better drainage in the hardest of grounds.  Core aeration is also available for greens, tees, fairways, and sports fields.


Sand Slit Injection

Instant drainage relief. Inject up to 50 tons of sand per acre in the ground and be playable immediately after.  Guaranteed to reduce salts, promotes root growth, and helps create a flushing system.


Tilling of Turfgrasses and Seed/Sod Prep

Deep till root zones and infield clay with the Blecavator, a reverse tiller that buries rock, levels, and rolls in one pass. Till in sand, gypsum, or any blend that can help reduce your salts by half, guaranteed.


Sod Stripping / Turf Harvesting

Sod stripping and removal with the BLEC Combinator removes up to 2" of material in one pass, levels and conveyors into a trailer, leaving it ready for sodding or sprigging.



Vertical mowing is beneficial for all turf grasses.  Thinning the grass out for transition is a must throught the summer months leading up to over seeding.  This will give you healthier grass that will last longer and will reduce the amount of watering and fertilizing and will promote root growth.


Top Dressing

Top dressing a clay or sand field is beneficial for the Bermuda grass growth and will keep the playing field level and help reduce the salts in the turf grasses. Top dress after aeration and work the sand into the ground for healthier turf grasses.


Over Seed Prep

 Turf Equipment Source offers a wide range of over seeding prep work such as: de-thatching, sweeping, scalping, seeding, top dressing, and fertilizing. 


Fraise Mowing

 Fraise mowing is still a relatively new process to the U.S. turfgrass industry. While thatch management techniques (such as core aeration, verticutting and spring tine raking) have been in place for years, fraise mowing brings a solution to thatch buildup. Additionally, it is far more cost-effective than new sod, and eliminates the problem of having to match your existing sand profile. While it is not as quick of a fix as sod replacement, the long-lasting durability of the natural grass creates a stronger, more stable field.    


Laser Leveling

A properly laser graded field will provide a smoother playing surface, decreased standing water, increased playability, fewer rain delays, decreased potential for injuries, fewer bad ball bounces, and reduced holes or settling in heavy play areas. 


Mound Building

The pitcher’s mound is often the focal point in a baseball game. After all, every play starts with a pitch. In order to ensure fair, consistent and safe play for all the participants, it’s important that the pitcher’s mound on your field is constructed just right.