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Fairway & Rough Mowers
Toro4000DToro Reelmaster 4000DThis is a 2002 Toro Reelmaster 4000D 4WD that feat...$19,500
Toro5400DToro Reelmaster 5400DThis is a 2000 Toro Reelmaster 5400D that features...$7,900
JD 3235AJohn Deere 3235AThis John Deere 5 gang 8 blade fairway unit is in ...$6,900
Toro 6500DToro Reelmaster 6500DThis is a 2004 Toro 6500D fairway mower. These 7 b...$14,900
Toro Reelmaster 5500DToro Reelmaster 5500DThis is a Toro Reelmaster 5500D with 1571hrs. ...$12,500
Toro Reelmaster 5610Toro Reelmaster 5610This is a 2011 Toro Reelmaster 5610 4wd with 2300 ...$19,500
John Deere 935John Deere 935 Deck MowerThis is a John Deere 935 72" Deck Mower with only ...$7500
Toro 5500DToro Reelmaster 5500DThis is a Toro Reelmaster 5500D Diesel fairway mow...$13,900
Jacobsen LF 3800 Jacobsen LF 3800 or Jacobsen LF 3400 partsThis is a Jacobsen LF 3800 fairway mower for parts...$1
John Deere 3365 PartsJohn Deere 3365 PartsThis is a parts John Deere 3365....$1
John Deere 3235B PartsJohn Deere 3235B or 3225B PartsWe have several parts units of the John Deere 3235...$1
Toro Reelmaster 6500D PartsToro Reelmaster 6500D PartsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 6500D parts units....$1
John Deere 3235CJohn Deere 3235CThis is a 2006 John Deere 3235C Fairway Mower with...$14,900
Jacobsen LF 3800 VertJacobsen LF 3800 Verticut ReelThese are verticut reels for a Jacobsen LF 3800 Mo...$3000
Toro 6500D 4wdToro Reelmaster 6500D 4wdThis is a 2004 Toro 6500D with only 2500 hrs. It h...$12,500
Toro Reelmaster 4000DToro Reelmaster 4000D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 4000D that we are ...$1
Toro Reelmaster 5400DToro Reelmaster 5400D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 5400D that we are ...$1
Toro Reelmaster 4500DToro Reelmaster 4500D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 4500D that we are ...$1
Toro Groundsmaster 3280DToro Groundsmaster 3280DThis is a 2006 Toro Groundsmaster 3280D with only ...$12,900
Toro Reelmaster 5410D Cutting unitsToro Reelmaster 5410D Cutting UnitsThese are 2007 Toro Reelmaster 5410D cutting units...5000
Ferris IS5000Ferris IS5000 Diesel Rotary MowerThis is a Ferris IS5000 Diesel Rotary Zero Turn Mo...6900
Jacobsen AR-522Jacobsen AR-522This is a 2013 'lease-return" Jacobsen AR-522 with...18800
Jacobsen LF-570Jacobsen LF570 Fairway MowerThis is a 2013 'lease-return" Jacobsen LF570 Fairw...18800
Toro Groundsmaster 325D PartsToro Groundsmaster 325D PartsThis is a Toro Groundsmaster 325D that is for part...$1
Toro Reelmaster 6500DToro Reelmaster 6500DThis is a 2004 Toro Reelmaster 6500D with only 150...14,900
Toro Groundsmaster 4500D2011 Toro Groundsmaster 4500DThis is a 2011 Toro Groundsmaster 4500D with only ...27,900
Jacobsen R-311TJacobsen R-311T Wide Area Deck MowerThis is a reconditioned Jacobsen R-311T Wide Area ...$19,500
Toro Reelmaster 5400D Verticut ReelsToro Reelmaster 5400D Verticut ReelsThis is a set of 5 Toro Reelmaster 5400D Verticut ...$1,500
John Deere 30" Cutting UnitJohn Deere 30" Cutting UnitThis is a NEW John Deere 30" Cutting Unit. - 7 bla...$1000
Jacobsen HR5111Jacobsen HR5111 Wide Area Deck MowerThis is a reconditioned Jacobsen HR5111 Wide Area ...$14,900
Jacobson LF 3400 PartsJacobsen LF 3400 PartsThis is a Jacobsen LF 3400 Fairway Mower for parts...$1
Toro Groundsmaster 3500D2011 Toro Groundsmaster 3500D SidewinderThis is a 2011 Toro Groundsmaster 3500D with 2000h...16900
John Deere 1600John Deere 1600This is a John Deere 1600 Deck Mower with only 140...16900
John Deere 7200John Deere 7200This is a 2010 John Deere 7200 with only 1800 hrs....12900
John Deere 3235BJohn Deere 3235BThis is a John Deere 3235B with 1371hrs that is in...8900
Toro Reelmaster 6500D 5500D Verticut ReelsToro Reelmaster 6500D 5500D Verticut ReelsThis is a Toro Reelmaster 6500D or 5500D Verticut ...$3,000
John Deere 3235 Cutting UnitsJohn Deere 3235 Cutting UnitsThis is a John Deere 3235 Cutting Unit that is in ...$3,000
Jacobsen LF3800 Cutting UnitJacobsen LF3800 Cutting UnitThis is a Jacobsen LF3800 Cutting Unit in good con...$3,000
John Deere 3235A Cutting UnitsJohn Deere 3235A Cutting UnitsThis is a John Deere 3235A Cutting Unit that is in...$2,000
Trim Mowers
Toro 3100DToro Reelmaster 3100D SidewinderThis is a 2005 Toro Reelmaster 3100D Sidewinder wi...$10,900
Toro Reelmaster 3100 Cutting UnitsToro Reelmaster 3100D Cutting UnitsThis is a RECONDITIONED Toro Reelmaster 3100D 27" ...$4,000
John Deere 2653 PartsJohn Deere 2653 PartsHave several John Deere 2653 units both diesel and...$1
John Deere 2653AJohn Deere 2653AThis is a JOhn Deere 2653A with only 1600hrs. It h...$7,900
Jacobsen TriKing 1900DJacobsen TriKing 1900D PartsWe have several Jacobsen Triking 1900D parts units...$1
John Deere 2653BJohn Deere 2653BThis is a 2006 John Deere 2653B with 1400hrs. (3 o...9900
Toro 3100D partsToro Reelmaster 3100D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 3100D that we are ...$1
Toro Reelmaster 2600DToro Reelmaster 2600D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 2600D that we are ...$1
National 8400National 8400 MowerThis is a National 8400 trim mower that has 1800hr...$1900
John Deere 2653 Cutting UnitJohn Deere 2653 Cutting UnitThis is a John Deere 2653 Cutting Unit that is in ...$3,000
Greens Mowers
ToroGR1000_11Toro GR 1000 Walk Behind This is a 2004 Toro GR 1000 Walk Behind. It featur...$2,900
Transpro100Toro Transpro 100 Trailer This is a Transpro 100 Trailer that is in good con...$750
flex 21Toro Flex 21This 2007 Toro Flex21 is the leading walking green...$3,500
Toro Verticut ReelsToro Greensmower Verticut ReelsThis is a set of Toro Greensmower Verticut Reels. ...$4,500
Toro 3100 partsToro Greensmaster 3100 partsHave several Toro Greensmaster 3100 that we are pa...$1
Toro Bell TrailerToro Greensmower Bell TrailerThis is a Bell Trailer for GR 1000. This unit is d...450
John Deere 22 TrailerJohn Deere 22 TrailerThis is a John Deere 22 Trailer that is in good co...$450
John Deere 2500 PartsJohn Deere 2500 PartsWe have several John Deere 2500 parts units....$1
Jacobsen GreensKing V 1962DJacobsen GreensKing V 1962DWe have several parts units of the Jacobsen Greens...$1
Toro GreensMaster 3100 Parts Toro Greensmaster 3100 partsWe have several Toro GreensMaster 3100 for parts....$1
Toro Greensmaster 3250DToro Greensmaster 3250D partsWe have several Toro Greensmaster 3250D that we ar...$1
Toro Spiker ReelsToro Greensmaster Spiker ReelsThese are Toro Spiker Reels for any Toro Greensmow...$2,000
John Deere 220A Walking GreensmowersJohn Deere 220A Walking Greens MowerThis is a John Deere 220A Walking Greens mower tha...$3,000
Jacobsen Walking Greens MowersJacobsen Walking Greens MowersWe have lots of Jacobsen Walking Greens Mowers. Ca...$2000
Jacobsen GreensKing IV Verticut ReelJacobsen GreensKing IV Verticut Reels This is a Jacobsen GreenKing IV Verticut Reel that...$1,500
Jacobsen GreensKing 1862G PartsJacobsen GreensKing 1862G PartsJacobsen GreensKing 1862G for parts. We have 4 of ...$1
Jacobsen Eclispe 322Jacobsen Eclipse 322This is a 2013 lease return Jacobsen Eclipse 322 w...14550
Toro Greensmaster Tri RollersToro Greensmaster Tri RollersThis is a Toro Greensmaster Tri Roller Kit for any...$3,000
Toro Grensmaster Verticut ReelsToro Greensmaster Verticut ReelsThis is a Toro Greensmaster Verticut Reels with Ca...$3,000
John Deere 2243 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 2243 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 2243 Verticut Reels with Carbide tips t...$1500
John Deere 2243 greens mowerJohn Deere 2243 greens mowerThis is a John Deere 2243 greens mower with 3000hr...$3,900
Toro Roller Spiker ReelsToro Roller Spiker ReelsThis is a set of Toro Roller Spiker Reels for any ...$3,000
Tru Turf RollnSlice 66Tru Turf RollnSlice 66This is a set of 3 Tru Turf RollnSlice 66 that are...$2,400
Jacobsen Green King IV Cutting UnitJacobsen Green King IV Cutting UnitThis is a Jacobsen Greens King IV 9 blade cutting ...$1,800
Utility Vehicles
clubcarClub Car Turf IIThis is a Club Car Turf 2 utility vehicle. This un...$3,500
Club Car 4 PassengerClub Car 4 PassengerThis is a reconditioned Club Car 4 Passenger with ...3500
EZGO Shuttle 6EZGO Shuttle 6 PassengerThis is an EZGO Shuttle 6 Passenger. It feature NE...3500
Club Car PartsClub Car Carryall Turf II PartsWe have several Club Car Carryall 1 & 2 along with...$1
Toro Workman 3200Toro Workman 3200 partsWe have several Toro Workman 3200 that we are part...$1
Toro Workman HDX-DToro Workman HDX-DThis is a 2009 Toro Workman HDX-D with only 1700hr...$13,900
Toro Workman HDXToro Workman HDXThis is a 2011 Toro Workman HDX with only 2000hrs....$12,500
Club Car Turf 6Club Car Turf 6This is a Club Car Turf 6 that has been reconditio...3900
Club Car Turf 2Club Car Turf 2This is a 2008 Club Car Turf 2 with only 1100hrs. ...$4,200
Toro Workman 2110Toro Workman 2110This is a Toro Workman 2110. We have 10 units that...1900
Club Car XRT 1550Club Car XRT 1550This is a Club Car XRT 1550 with only 2000hrs. It ...$4,900
Club Car 1500Club Car XRT1500This is a Club Car XRT1500 with 1500hrs. It has ju...$4,900
Custshman Truckster PartsCushman Truckster PartsWe have several Cushman Trucksters for parts. Olde...$1
EZGO BedEZGO BedWe have 2 NEW EZGO Beds that fits a Workhorse or E...$500
John Deere Pro Gator BedJohn Deere Pro Gator BedThis is a John Deere Pro Gator Bed that was taken ...$1,000
EZGO Beverage CartEZGO Beverage CartThis is an EZGO Beverage Cart that is in very good...$3,500
Toro Workman 3200 -2Toro Workman 3300This is a 2005 Toro Workman 3300 with only 1873hrs...$11,900
Club Car 4 seaterClub Car 4 Seat CartThis is a Club Car 4 seat cart. It features a rebu...$3,900
General Irrigation Equipment
We are sorry. There are not any items currently listed under this item category.
Miscellaneous Equipment
Toro 2300Toro 2300 Top Dresser pull behind / Turfco MetermaThis is a Toro 2300 Pull Behind Top Dresser. It ha...$6,500
John Deere 1200AJohn Deere 1200A Bunker or Infield RakeThis is a RECONDITIONED John Deere 1200A. It featu...$7,500
Lely Spreader 1200Lely Spreader 1200This is a Lely Spreader 1200 that has been recondi...$4500
Lely 1250 SpreaderLely Spreader HRThis is a 3 PT Lely HR Spreader that has been reco...$3,500
Ty Crop ProPass 180Ty Crop ProPass 180 Bed MountThis is a reconditioned Ty Ccrop ProPass 180 bed m...$7,900
Vertidrain 7007Vertidrain 7007 Riding Aerator PartsThis is a Vertidrain 7007 riding aerator for parts...$1
Sub Air GT-20Sub Air GT-20This is a Sub Air GT-20 with only 28 hrs. It featu...$3,900
Blec CombinatorBlec Combinator GKB 200 This is a 2013 Blec Combinator (72") that will sod...$27,900
John Deere PartsJohn Deere PartsWe are parting out the following John Deere Equipm...$1
Tycrop LiftTyCrop Lift & Tow CaddyThis is a Tycrop lift & tow caddie for loading att...750
Bobcat SeederBobcat Seeder 72 SDRThis is a Bobcat Seeder 72 SDR that is in like new...6000
Landpride APS1548Landpride APS1548 Seeder SpikerThis is a Landpride APD1548 Seeder Spiker that is ...$4,900
Turfco Metermatic IIITurfco Metermatic III - FD12This is a reconditioned Turfco Metermatic III FD12...6900
Turfco SP 1530 Top DresserTurfco SP 1530 Top DresserWe have a Turfco SP 1530 Top Dresser. It is bed mo...$5,500
Vicon SpreaderVicon SpreaderWe have a couple of Vicon Spreaders. The Toro Vico...$1,000
Ty Crop Cross ConveyorTyCrop MH400 Cross Conveyor with Swivel This is a Ty Crop MH400 Cross Conveyor and include...$2,500
Cushman TD1500 Top DresserCushman TD1500 Top DresserThis is a Cushman TD1500 Top Dresser that fit on a...$2,900
Kubota Diesel Engine 2203Kubota 2203 Diesel EngineThis is a NEW Kubota Diesel Engine 2203. ...$4,900
TIP Seeder AeratorTIP Seeder AeratorThis is a TIP Seeder Aerator. It had very little u...$3,500
Jacobsen 3800 ReelJacobsen LF 3800 ReelThis is a Jacobsen LF 3800 reel. We have 2 sets of...$2,500
Jacobsen 3810 Verticut ReelJacobsen 3810 Verticut ReelThis is a Jacobsen 3810 Verticut Reel. We have a s...$2,000
Jacobsen GrensKing IV Verticut ReelsJacobsen GreensKing IV Verticut ReelsWe have 2 sets of 3 Jacobsen GreensKing IV Verticu...$1,500
Toro PartsToro PartsWe are parting out the following Toro units. Workm...$1
TyCrop Propass 180TyCrop Propass 180This is a TyCrop Propass 180 that is mounted on a ...$7900
John Deere 3235 ReelsJohn Deere 3235 ReelsThis is a John Deere 3235 Reel that is in good con...$3,500
John Deere 3365 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 30" Verticut ReelsThis is a set of 5 John Deere 3365 Veeticut Reels ...$3,000
John Deere 3235 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 3235 Verticut ReelsThis is a set of 5 John Deere 3235 Verticut Reels....$4,000
Toro GreensMaster ReelToro Greensmaster Cutting UnitThis is a old style SPA Toro Greensmaster Reel. Th...$1,200
Toro Reelmaster 3100D ReelToro Reelmaster 3100D Cutting UnitThis is a Toro Reelmaster 3100D 27" Reel. Set of 3...$2,400
Toro Reelmaster 4000D ReelsToro Reelmaster 4000D ReelsThis is a Toro Reelmaster 4000D Reel. We have 3 se...$3,000
Toro Reelmaster 4000D Verticut ReelsToro Reelmaster 4000D Verticut ReelsThis is a Toro Reelmaster 4000D Verticut Reels. We...$5000
Beverage CartBeverage Cart CaddieThis is a stainless steel beverage cart that will ...$600
Toro Greensmaster 3250D ReelToro Greensmaster 3250D ReelThis is a Toro Greensmaster 3250D Reel. We have se...$2,500
Kubota Diesel Engine V1505-TKubota V1505-T Diesel EngineThis is a Kubota V1505-T Diesel Engine with only 1...$2,500
Turfco 1530 Turfco 1530 Wide SpinThis is a Turfco 1530 Wide Spin top dresser that i...$6,900
Case 30 Riding TrencherCase 30 Riding TrencherThis is a Case 30 Riding Trencher. It has low hour...$11,500
STEC PartsSTEC PartsPlease call us for quote on any STEC Parts....$1
Gearmore PTB-560Gearmore PTB-560 SpreaderThis is a NEW Gearmore PTB-560 Spreader. ...$3,250
Sulfer BurnerSulfer BurnerThis is a Sulfer Burners that is NON electric and ...$2,900
Adams Dump TrialerAdams Dump TrailerThis is an Adams Dump Trailer. It features hydraul...$4,500
Cushman TD2000Cushman TD2000 Top DresserThis is a Cushman TD2000 that is in good condition...$4,900
Terratopper T-750Terratopper T-750This is a Terratopper T-750 broadcast top dresser....$3,900
BLEC BV 180 TillerBLEC BV180 TillerThis is a BLEC BV180 Reverse Tiller that is in goo...$15,900
Cushman SpraytekCushman Spraytek 175This is a Cushman Spraytek with 175 gallon low pro...$3,900
Sub Air Water SeparatorSub Air Water SeparatorThis is a Sub Air Water Separator that works in co...$1,200
SISIS 3 Point HitchSISIS 3 Point HitchThis is a SISIS 3 Point Hitch for a Toro Workman....$2,500
John Deere 49 BackhoeJohn Deere 49 BackhoeThis is a John Deere 49 Backhoe that is a pull beh...$4,900
Jacobsen PartsJacobsen PartsWe are parting out he following Jacobsen units: GK...$1
Koro BladesKoro or Blec or Stec Field Top Maker BladesThis is a LH & RH blade for a KORO Field Top Maker...$8
Tru Turf RollerTru Turf Greens RollerThis is a Tru-Turf Greens Roller Model # RS48-11C ...$7,900
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